33 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Management Office
Maintenance Requests

33 South Sixth Street / City Center’s goal is to provide outstanding tenant service at all times. This means:

  • Courteous, timely, efficient, high-quality responses to tenant requests.
  • A follow-up review to confirm that the tenant is satisfied with the response.
  • When there is a charge for the tenant service, clear and accurate invoicing.

Each lease contains specific information about services to be provided, including complimentary and chargeable services. If a tenant is unfamiliar with charges for services being requested, the cost of the service will be explained.

Tenant services may be provided by Building Management staff or by outside contractors hired by management. Authorized tenant representatives can submit requests for routine maintenance using the online Service Request System.

Angus is a web based Work Order system which tenants can utilize for service requests eg. hot or cold calls, light bulb replacement, hanging pictures or white boards, and other similar tasks.  In emergency situations i.e. flooding, power loss, etc., please call the Management Office directly at (612) 372-1234.

To use Angus, click on this link.

All new tenants will receive a username and password to allow access to Angus.  Angus is a very easy-to-use web-based system which ensures your service request is directed to the appropriate personnel as quickly as possible.  A handbook on its usage is available from property management as well as from a link on the Angus site.  If you are in need of training or assistance in navigating Angus, please contact the Building Management Office.

The following services will be provided at an additional charge:

  • Hanging up pictures or white boards
  • Repairs of tenant space window blinds, furniture or fittings
  • Keyboard installation
  • Light furniture moves

Charges for repairs by our technicians are billed at our repair rate with a half-hour minimum.

If an outside vendor is needed, a proposal will be provided for the tenant's approval before the work is performed. The tenant will be billed the invoice cost plus a 15% management fee.

Please note that any work that is required on electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems or any changes to structural or architectural conditions within tenant spaces always requires the prior approval of property management.

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